AGNC Park: The BCC to Indy’s Marketing and Branding World

Brandi Sasore, Co-Founder + Chief Brandi[ng] OfficerBuzzworthy, LLC and Trey Hester, Owner/Designer HICO Solutions

Roughly two and half years into a global pandemic, we’ve learned that not all Zoom calls are
created equal. It was a particular virtual meeting where two of Indy’s up-and-coming marketing
and branding business owners, both charged with supporting the same project, realized through
virtual hellos and subsequent meeting conversations that there was synergy in their skill sets
and values. Fast forward to project completion and the conversations between the two called
back to somewhat of a Harlem Renaissance era — where black artists and creatives founded
numerous coalitions and grass-roots institutional structures that allowed their art to flourish. To
be Black, Creative, and Collaborative!

AGNC Park is a collaborative partnership between Brandi Sasore (Buzzworthy Branding) and Trey Hestor (HICO Solutions). The ambitious goal of this partnership is to Accelerate Growth IN Communities by intersecting culture and community to build brands and create marketing campaigns that act as a bridge between organizations and their most important asset – people. Through our work, we want to amplify the demand for Black and Brown companies through brand development and strategic marketing in spaces where they have traditionally gone unseen. Our vision is to be the top motivators of innovation in Black and Brown communities by amplifying the collective.

We have earned our space in this industry by delivering exceptional results through consistent
hard work, dedication to our clients and our respective companies, and a whole lot of heart. In
the last year alone, we’ve worked on several high-profile projects, including the
design and launch of the Business Equity for Indy website. Our experience spans multiple
industries including, education, nonprofit, restaurant, and fitness. We drive positive change for our clients by using our collective successes and developing quality campaigns and content. Maybe you have heard of us, or you haven’t! However, without a doubt, you’ve seen our work. The subject line is always our clients, but operating in the bcc (black, creative, and collaborative) space of the marketing world is where we thrive!

AGNC Park seeks to work with clients who are passionate about what they do and who use
their work to affect positive change in their communities and clients — that’s why we are
extremely grateful and proud of our partnership with Business Equity for Indy. Not only do they
have a strong vision for an equitable business environment in Indianapolis, but they also live
and breathe this work through their commitment to supporting, hiring, and amplifying the voices
of minority-owned businesses.

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to work with changemakers, doers, and policymakers — who are doing great work and who we can help amplify. If this sounds like you — let’s connect! You can also look at our work by visiting Buzzworthy Branding and HICO Solutions.

Black History Month Series. Indianapolis is rich in Black history, and that history teaches us about our past and develops a better understanding of the world. Today, this month, and all year long, we appreciate the contributions and perspectives of African Americans. Every week during #BlackHistoryMonth we’ll celebrate the successes of local African Americans impacting the quality of life and growth in our city.

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