BEI’s 2024 Impact Report

Driving Change Across the Indy Region

Today, BEI is proud to announce the release of the 2020-2024 Impact Report. This comprehensive document reflects our collective efforts and achievements in driving positive change across the Indianapolis region.

Over the past four years, Business Equity for Indy (BEI) has been steadfast in its commitment to promoting equity, inclusion, and belonging within our business community. Through collaborative initiatives, advocacy, and resource mobilization, we have strived to create a more equitable and prosperous environment for all—and working alongside BEI member companies, we’ve worked diligently to quantify this work to ensure the impact is measurable and meaningful for the Indy Region’s Black residents and other people of color.

As we unveil this Impact Report, we invite you to explore its contents and reflect on the collective progress that’s been made over the last four years. Within its pages, you will find a detailed account of our key initiatives, accomplishments, and the tangible impact we have had on businesses, communities, and individuals.

Among the highlights of the report are insights into our strategic focus areas, including:

      • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

      • Advancing equitable business practices and procurement opportunities

      • Advocating for policy reforms to address systemic inequities

      • Fostering collaborative partnerships and community engagement efforts

    Additionally, the report showcases success stories, testimonials, and data-driven outcomes that underscore the importance of our collective work. From increasing supplier diversity to expanding access to capital for minority-owned businesses, each achievement represents a step forward in our journey toward a more equitable city and state.

    We encourage you to dive into the report, engage with its contents, and share its findings with your networks. By amplifying our impact and collective efforts, we can inspire meaningful change and drive progress across the Indy Region.

    As we celebrate our achievements, we also recognize that our work is far from over. There is still much to be done to address systemic barriers and create opportunities for all members of our community. With your continued support and collaboration, we are confident that we can build a more inclusive and equitable future for generations to come.

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