Beyond the Logo, You Find the Keys for Success

By: Tamara Cypress, Black Onyx Management and BEI Communications Consultant

How do you convey the challenges of a global pandemic and inspire the need for change visually? Well, first, you put a call out for Black creatives who can help reflect a culture they live in every single day and let them create. 

Over the past year, COVID-19 has challenged us in ways that we did not think possible. For Black people and other communities of color, those challenges have been heightened by preexisting racial disparities and inequities. For others, these compounding issues have created a call for meaningful action and immediate progress toward racial equity. Businesses are stepping up with a strengthened commitment to make concrete changes to the way they do business to advance racial equity across our region.

Earlier this summer, Business Equity or Indy (BEI) wanted to create a new logo and brand for the work started nearly a year ago. Through an open call for artists called the Beyond the Logo Contest, we received more than twenty fantastic submissions that embodied equity and justice. After candid feedback and support from collaborative organizations such as the Arts Council of IndianapolisThe Indy Black Chamber of CommerceGANG GANG, The Exchange at the Indianapolis Urban LeagueIndy Black MillennialsKheprw InstituteIndy Black Businesses Matter, and the Indianapolis Recorder, a small committee of business and community leaders selected our top, three picks.

Ultimately, the winner (Matthew, pictured) took his vision for what a more equitable city should look like and coupled it with the work BEI is driving to come up with the final product. We love the symbolism and vibrant colors. 

The logo is a key with five colorful leaves that symbolize growth and abundance. Each leaf represents the five key focus areas for BEI — Public Policy, Impediments to Health, Learning and Talent, Procurement and Participation, and Hiring and Promotion. These priorities will help serve as the keys for success as BEI seeks a more inclusive city moving forward.

“My vision is a society where all people’s skills and talents are recognized for what they are,” said Matthew Filer, owner of Invictus Designs. “It also means more support for those with less access to resources.” 

Beyond the Logo Contest Top Three Winners

  • First place ($2,500) and the chosen logo for BEI – Matthew Filer with Invictus Designs
  • Second place ($1,000) – Von Watts with 8393 Creative
  • Third place ($500) – Autumn Martin with Glambeau Designs

Your Call to Action. If your organization is looking to diversify its marketing efforts with top talent and quality design work, check out Invictus Designs8393 Creative and Glambeau Designs

Explore our new brand and logo by Invictus Design on The new BEI website was designed by AGNC Park (HICO Solutions + Buzzworthy Branding), a dynamic duo of Black creatives Trey Hester with HICO Solutions and Brandi Sasore with Buzzworthy Branding

BEI is a joint effort of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, the Indy Chamber, in collaboration with the Indianapolis Urban League to grow a more inclusive business climate and build greater equity and economic opportunity for the Indy Region’s Black residents and people of color

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