Black Women of Faith: Empowering Indy’s Black Residents Through Faith and Action

Black Women of Faith: Empowering Indy’s Black Residents Through Faith and Action


Across the country, Black women account for over half of congregations for various religious denominations; however, often, Black women are overlooked in leadership positions within those institutions. Without space to ideate, strategize, and lead, Black women are unable to use their voices to contribute to their community. One Indianapolis nonprofit is on a mission to shift this reality. 


Indianapolis-based non-profit, Black Women of Faith, Inc. (BWF), is making strides in the advancement of Black women, community, and justice. BWF focuses on the pivotal roles that Black women play in their families, communities, and congregations. Founding president, Erreol Morgan recently sat down with Business Equity for Indy to share more.


“Generationally, Black women carry trauma—and we don’t have to look too far back in time to see that illustrated,” Morgan shared. “Personal stories about the impacts of gun violence, mass incarceration of our sons, police brutalities, health disparities, and societal injustices are ever-present in our daily lives. And together, through BWF, we can leverage our lived experiences to help shape important conversations, actions, and policies to support our community and identify positive pathways forward.”


By recognizing the interconnectedness of our needs, BWF promotes a holistic approach to communal healing, grounded in faith. This approach is evident in their monthly meetings where members gather to fellowship, strategize, and connect with Black community partners who provide mental health resources.


“The solution is simple, and it goes beyond giving Black women a space to gather,” Morgan explained. “Through BWF, Black women are empowered to strategize about community needs and to align around action. One of the greatest examples of our work in action is through The Harvest Campaign: Combating Youth Violence.”


One of BWF’s flagship initiatives is the Harvest Campaign, launched in partnership with local organizations focused on eliminating youth violence. As a member of the Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition, BWF tackles not only violence among youth but also violence against youth. The organization critically examines how existing institutions and policies fall short in addressing the urgent need for youth access to mental health and social services. The Harvest Pledge, a cornerstone of this campaign, emphasizes the importance of sisterhood and collective growth.


BWF also leads initiatives to promote political empowerment and education within churches, partnering with local congregations and Black clergy. The organization’s involvement in the Strategic Planning Committee for Senator LaKeisha Jackson underscores its commitment to political advocacy. 


“BWF doesn’t just believe women have the power to drive change, we see it daily in action,” said Morgan. “And the more we see it, the more inspired we are to keep following His plan and guiding our community forward.”


Black Women of Faith, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charitable organization that invites the community to join their efforts. Monthly meetings alternate in-person and virtually. Email to learn more and get on the mailing list! 

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