Business Equity for Indy Membership: Commit, Implement, Thrive 

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of prioritizing business equity, fostering a fair and inclusive environment, and exploring untapped potential.  

The good news is action towards these goals doesn’t have to come at a high cost—in fact, Business Equity for Indy membership is free. By committing to implementation and embracing diversity, organizations can unlock numerous benefits that positively impact their bottom line and reputation. By joining Business Equity for Indy, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to equity, drive positive change, and reap the rewards. 

Implementing diversity and inclusion best practices not only aligns with ethical values but also delivers tangible benefits for businesses. By highlighting the positive impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives on employee engagement, innovation, customer satisfaction, and financial performance, organizations can build a compelling case for their commitment to equity and encourage other companies to follow suit. Research from the World Economic Forum indicated that companies with diversity scores considered above average “drive 45% average revenue from innovation”, compared to 26% for firms with diversity scores considered to be below average. Plus, McKinsey & Company reported that companies in the top 25% for racial/ethnic and gender diversity were 36% and 25% more likely to have “superior financial returns”, respectively. 

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of DE&I, it’s important to note that no organization can embark on that journey alone. To foster a fair and inclusive environment, organizations should actively seek out best practices and resources that support their goals. Joining a network of companies with similar aspirations can provide invaluable insights and collaboration opportunities. By connecting with like-minded organizations, businesses can share experiences, exchange knowledge, and learn from successful DE&I initiatives and leading experts. Through BEI, this collaboration extends beyond traditional boundaries, helping to create a broader ecosystem of support among Indianapolis region businesses and beyond, including through some of our programming below. 

Membership in organizations that champion equity, such as BEI, can significantly bolster your organization’s commitment to and involvement in DE&I efforts. Our pillars of People, Procurement, and Policy are packed with valuable resources and benefits. Access to People Community of Practice (PcP) events allows organizations to gain guidance and support in attracting, retaining, and advancing Black professionals from industry experts. Membership also grants businesses a seat on the BEI Policy Task Force, providing the opportunity to shape impactful policies and participate in the Indy Chamber Policy Summit—a premier policy forum for business leaders, legislators, and experts. Plus, your business can engage in the BEI Procurement Roundtable, connecting with diverse suppliers and potential purchasers. 

Prioritizing business equity, fostering a fair and inclusive environment, and embracing diversity and inclusion are essential steps for organizations seeking success in the modern business landscape. By acting and committing to implementation, organizations can display their dedication to fighting inequity and tap into the wealth of untapped potential that lies within diverse teams.  

Leveraging the opportunities and responsibilities of Business Equity for Indy membership, businesses can create positive change while reaping numerous benefits—not only for their organization, but for the broader Indianapolis community, as well. So, let’s commit, implement, and thrive together! 

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