Organization name: Ball State University

Program Type

Mentoring and career navigation programs

Ages Served:

19-25 Years


Brief Program Summary: A program for first-year students of color and first-generation college students. The program is designed to help students transition to their new home on campus, make new friends and get first-hand experience of college life before classes start. First year student participants are paired with a peer mentor who is a returning student with proven academic and social skills, who will guide them through their transition to Ball State. Students also learn techniques and skills focused on their academic and social development.
Success Metrics: First semester GPA, involvement in student organization, and retention rates.


Number Served & Racial Distribution:

Total Number of Individuals Annually Served


Black or African Americans Annually Served


Hispanic or Latinos Annually Served


Geographic Scope:

− Central Indiana Counties: N/A
− Additional/Other Areas of Focus: N/A


Annual Operating Cost: $5,000 – $6,000
Initial Start-Up Cost: $0

Contact Information

Organization Name: Ball State University
Website: https://www.bsu.edu/campuslife/student-life/programs-services/summer-bridge/excel- mentor-program
Respondents Name: Diane Watters
Email: dbuck@bsu.edu


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