Organization name: Indianapolis Urban League

Program Type

Work-based learning programs

Ages Served:

19-25 Years


Brief Program Summary: The Indianapolis Urban League’s (IUL) Training Works Program provides short-term training and supportive services needed to further develop employability and job training skills in high-demand industry sectors. IUL Training Works also assists individuals with successfully transitioning from assistance, incarceration, unemployment or underemployment to self-sufficiency.
Success Metrics: The Indianapolis Urban League is contracted to enroll 100 students into the IUL Training Works Program. Since its 2017 implementation, the IUL Training Works Program has successfully met and exceeded its performance goals. Program success is also determined by the number of participant enrollments, number of participants completing a work readiness program, number of participants completing a short-term training program, number of participants earning a short-term industry recognized training credential, number of participants successfully completing an externship, number of participants securing employment, and number of participants retaining employment 30 and 60 days.


Number Served & Racial Distribution:

Total Number of Individuals Annually Served


Black or African Americans Annually Served


Hispanic or Latinos Annually Served


Geographic Scope:

− Central Indiana Counties: Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion
− Additional/Other Areas of Focus: N/A


Annual Operating Cost: $110,000
Initial Start-Up Cost: $90,000

Contact Information

Organization Name: Indianapolis Urban League
Website: https://www.indplsul.org/
Respondents Name: Kimberly Simmons
Email: ksimmons@indplsul.org
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