Organization name: The Mind Trust

Program Type

Leadership skills & college/career prep programs

Ages Served:

19-25 Years


Brief Program Summary: The purpose of MelanatED Leaders is to create a community where Black and Latino leaders across Central Indiana have an opportunity to connect with and support one another in their short- and long-term career challenges and aspirations. MelanatED Leaders seeks to address the lack of leaders of color at the highest levels in schools and youth-serving nonprofit organizations across Indianapolis by empowering and elevating leaders of color.
Success Metrics: The goal of MelanatED Leaders is to increase opportunities for Black and Latinx individuals to serve in leadership roles in our community. Impact measures include people of color being promoted into leadership positions in education and youth-serving organizations in Indianapolis and educators of color throughout the state having a network of other educators and leaders of color to serve as mentors and supporters. This data is not yet available.


Number Served & Racial Distribution:

Total Number of Individuals Annually Served


Black or African Americans Annually Served


Hispanic or Latinos Annually Served


Geographic Scope:

− Central Indiana Counties: Marion
− Additional/Other Areas of Focus: N/A


Annual Operating Cost: $70,000
Initial Start-Up Cost: $20,000

Contact Information

Organization Name: The Mind Trust
Respondents Name: Lauren Rush
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