Organization name: Inner Beauty Program, Inc.

Program Type

Leadership skills & college/career prep programs

Ages Served:

19-25 Years


Brief Program Summary: Parenting education is the provision of structured, parenting skill development experiences. Education regarding parenting, discipline and child development is a means to provide parents whose children are “at risk” or have been abused or neglected with tools to assist them in the lifelong task of disciplining, understanding, and loving their children. Family-centered parent training programs include family skills training and family activities to help children and parents take advantage of concrete social supports. A combination of individual and group parent training is the most effective approach when building skills that emphasize social connections and parents’ ability to access social supports. However, the individual approach is most effective when serving families in need of specific or tailored services.
Success Metrics: • Outcome Measure: 75% of the parents referred to program will complete all services. • Outcome Measure: 90% of the parents completing the program will show a demonstrated increase in skills during the in home post-program assessment. • Outcome Measure: 67% of families that have a child in substitute care prior to the initiation of service will be reunited by closure of the service provision period. • Outcome Measure: 90% of the individuals/families will not be the subjects of a new investigation resulting in the assignment of a status of ‘substantiated’ abuse or neglect throughout the service provision period. • Outcome Measure: 90% of the individuals/families that were intact prior to the initiation of services will remain intact throughout the service provision period.


Number Served & Racial Distribution:

Total Number of Individuals Annually Served


Black or African Americans Annually Served


Hispanic or Latinos Annually Served


Geographic Scope:

− Central Indiana Counties: Marion
− Additional/Other Areas of Focus: N/A


Annual Operating Cost: $45,000
Initial Start-Up Cost: $5,000

Contact Information

Organization Name: Inner Beauty Program, Inc.
Respondents Name: Chrystal Hines
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