Organization name: IUPUI

Program Type

Academic programs

Ages Served:

0-4 Years
5-11 Years
12-18 Years
19-25 Years


Brief Program Summary: The Westside Education Task Force (WETF) works to create a collective impact structure to bring together various stakeholders and partners to enhance the quality of education in both Near West and West Indianapolis. The plan will incorporate goals, strategies, and indicators that address the education of learners that are: Birth-2nd grade, Elementary/Middle School (Grades 3-8), High School (Grades 9-12, GED), Community Supports & Resources (All levels), College & Career (Adult and Continuing Education)
Success Metrics: The WETF will evaluate success by monitoring the following outcomes: # of children and families served, % to pass 3rd grade reading assessment, % with school attendance of at least 90%, % to graduate from high school, % to attend postsecondary education, % to earn postsecondary education degrees or certifications


Number Served & Racial Distribution:

Total Number of Individuals Annually Served


Black or African Americans Annually Served


Hispanic or Latinos Annually Served


Geographic Scope:

− Central Indiana Counties: Marion
− Additional/Other Areas of Focus: N/A


Annual Operating Cost: N/A
Initial Start-Up Cost: $0

Contact Information

Organization Name: IUPUI
Website: https://www.iupui.edu/
Respondents Name: Karen Dace
Email: kdace@iupui.edu


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