Modern Apprenticeship: A Key Strategy to Fill In-Demand Jobs

Now more than ever, employers need diverse, skilled talent to fill in-demand jobs. As demand grows, companies of all sizes across a range of industries are utilizing apprenticeships as an effective way to amplify and modernize their recruitment strategy and workforce. 

The Modern Apprenticeship (MAP) program, led by EmployIndy and in partnership with Ascend Indiana, is well on the way in the recruitment of its third cohort of students and employers in Marion County. Modern Apprenticeship is a three-year, on-the-job program that begins during a student’s junior year in high school, giving high school students the opportunity to explore and engage with real-world, paid work experiences that prepare them with the skills they need to launch a career. 

“At a time when three-quarters of Indiana employers cannot find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions, apprenticeships help businesses fill immediate staffing needs by recruiting and preparing the talent needed to succeed in the 21st Century economy,” says Marie Mackintosh, president and CEO at EmployIndy. “Through MAP, employers gain a structure to become part of the workforce solutions that remove barriers and provide students with equitable access to career-ready training across in-demand industries.”

The Modern Apprenticeship program provides a path for employers to discover and hire the right talent and ultimately build a customized talent pipeline. Modern Apprenticeship works as a talent solution for companies of all sizes as apprentices are able to develop on-the-job skills that are tailored to the company’s needs while diversifying the organization’s workforce.

Youth Apprentices in the current MAP cohorts represent a diverse pool of talent from within our own community. 60 percent of the participants identify as female and a third of MAP participants come from low to moderate-income homes. 90 percent of our current Youth Apprentices are people of color. Not only is Modern Apprenticeship preparing students for success in today’s world of work but the program is providing historically underserved and underrepresented populations with the opportunity to gain an edge in this fast-paced economy. 

“Modern Apprenticeship has encouraged me to express myself and find my own path to success,” says Salematou, a Project Coordinator and Youth Apprentice at WorkOne Indy. “Working and connecting with diverse people who have all beaten many different odds and learning their unique stories is a key highlight of my experience. This opportunity has not only changed my life but has the potential to change the lives of many other students like me.”

MAP provides businesses with a path to identify, train, and retain job candidates as they progress from entry-level jobs to highly skilled positions. Employers can develop their own, diverse talent and create opportunities for growth while engaging young people. Nearly 80 percent of Modern Apprenticeship’s Cohort 1 students retained employment with their company after two years, making apprenticeships a new way of hiring that improve retention rates. 

There is no better time than now to join the Modern Apprenticeship program. Is your company interested in becoming a Modern Apprenticeship employer? Email to begin your organization’s journey with Youth Apprenticeship today!

Blog authored by Marie Mackintosh, President and CEO of EmployIndy.

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