Providing a Talent Pipeline into the Medical Field

By Laura Atkinson, Senior Director Human Resources Ascension

While healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the sector in unprecedented ways. It raised an awareness of socioeconomic and racial gaps among the healthcare workforce.

Ascension is committed to social justice, compassionate action, and advocacy for all. “We strive to see our communities valuing inclusion, justice, and equity for all,” said Ascension’s President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Impicciche, JD, MHA. Belongingness, social equity, and inclusion are system-wide priorities for Ascension.

In addition, Ascension St. Vincent has partnered with local high schools, higher education institutions, and training providers to offer early learning pathways and work-based learning opportunities for youth and adults from all backgrounds. Through targeted recruitment, open-access programs, and collaborative efforts, such as the Business Equity for Indy, Ascension is positioned to work toward closing the racial and opportunity gap for different groups of students.

Youth apprenticeship and early learning programs are two of Ascension St. Vincent strategies to expose high school students to clinical and educational learning opportunities in preparation for college and careers. These programs provide a talent pipeline into the medical field and are designed to help diversify Ascension’s future workforce. Current success from the programs does not compare to the need for greater racial equity within Indiana’s educational attainment and health care workforce. Ascension remains committed to value diversity and equity in its practices, policies, and programs.

Laura is on the BEI Learning and Talent Taskforce. Learn more about their work, including the education-workforce pipeline brief here

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