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Ascend Network

Join the Ascend Network, an innovative job matching platform that connects job seekers with good and promising careers, while helping Indiana employers find and hire qualified candidates’ participation.

BEI Workforce Pilot

The BEI Workforce Pilot is an intensive, two-year cohort designed to deliver high-value consultation for companies to adopt evidence-based strategies and engage with industry experts to reduce disparities, drive equity, and support companies’ talent strategies.

Conduct Racial Equity Audits

Conduct racial equity audits and adverse impact analyses to identify any inequities within your own organizations over the lifecycle of an employee (e.g., hiring practices, access to leadership development programs, compensation setting, promotion practices, etc.)

Education and Workforce Development Program Database

Explore a database of 200 existing education and workforce development programs in Marion County, Indiana that complements the BEI Learning and Talent Opportunities Taskforce’s recommendations for companies to improve education and workforce development outcomes for Black and Hispanic individuals and identifies specific programs and initiatives in which the corporate community can engage.

Education to Workforce Talent Pipeline – Data Analysis

Interactive data visualization highlighting the pervasive disparities in education outcomes for Black and Hispanic children and adults in Indianapolis and Indiana and the troubling consequences.

Employer-provided Benefits and Supports for Post-Secondary Education

Increase access to and persistence through post-secondary education participation through employer-provided benefits and supports (e.g., FAFSA completion support, financial literacy curriculum, tuition assistance programs, etc.)

Expand access to high-quality early learning program participation

Expand access to high-quality early learning program participation by an employer-offered benefit program, stratified by family income, that improves the affordability and accessibility of high-quality early learning.

Good Wages Initiative

Company certification with Employ Indy’s Good Wages Initiative (provide a sustainable wage of $18/hour + employer-sponsored healthcare benefits for all full-time employees).

Hiring and Promotions Task Force Recommendations

Impediments to Health Playbook

Gain access to a roadmap of targeted interventions to support equitable outcomes, improve employee health, and benefit business. The Business Equity for Indy (BEI) Impediments to Health Playbook focuses on outcomes in Covid-19 vaccinations, maternal health, food security, and mental health.

Modern Apprenticeship Program

Participate in the Modern Apprenticeship Program and/or start your own work-based or experiential learning initiative.

OneTen Initiative

Engage with the national One Ten initiative which connects Black talent to well-paying job opportunities through their Career Marketplace – no four-year degree required.

People Community of Practice

Join BEI’s People Community of Practice, a community of practice among the Central Indiana business community to identify, document, and promote best practices related to advancing Black employees in the Indianapolis community. Events are held quarterly.

Provide training for your workforce on DE&I topics

Consider your workforce’s skills limitations for hiring and serving minority populations by offering implicit bias or anti-racism trainings.

Racial Gaps in Education to Workforce Talent Pipeline Report

The Learning and Talent task force developed this research paper and its related interactive data tool to analyze education and workforce data to identify disparities in education outcomes for Black and Hispanic children and adults in Indianapolis and Indiana, along with their troubling consequences.

Work-based Learning Opportunities

Work-based learning participation through one of the State of Indiana’s framework’s areas: Explore, Engage, Experience


Join the Procurement Roundtable

Join the Procurement Roundtable (as a purchaser or a supplier), which focuses on increasing the launch, growth, and success rates of Black-owned enterprises by facilitating relationships, creating opportunities, and positioning suppliers to gain access to new business contracts.

Peer Advisor Program

Sign up to be part of the procurement Peer Advisor Program in which supplier diversity professionals have access to support, resources, and expertise that will help them advance equity initiatives in their workplaces.


Implement the 8 best practices for supplier diversity at your organization.

View Past Procurement Roundtable Videos

View videos of past Procurement Roundtable events to catch up on content from previous workshops.


Join the BEI Policy Task Force

Join the BEI Policy Task Force to collectively educate and advocate with other BEI members and the Indy Chamber for policies that support the advancement of Black Hoosiers and other people of color.

Indy Chamber’s Annual Policy Summit

Attend the Indy Chamber’s annual Policy Summit, the premier opportunity for Central Indiana business and community leaders to interact with policy makers and forge solutions to advance racial equity throughout the Indy region. Contact the Indy Chamber to learn more.
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