Transform Your Talent Strategy through the Modern Apprenticeship Program


Talent attraction and workforce development have always been critical to cultivating vibrant communities with strong economic impact; however, in the wake of the pandemic, the quest for talent attraction has never been more competitive. Across Indiana, businesses are grappling with significant talent and workforce changes amidst an evolving economic landscape. According to recent data, the state’s unemployment rate stands at 3.1%, reflecting a tight labor market where skilled workers are in high demand. However, despite job opportunities, Indiana faces a shortage of workers with the necessary skills to fill available positions, with industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and technology experiencing particularly acute shortages. While demographic shifts, including an aging workforce and a declining population in certain regions, can exacerbate these challenges, over 40 employers in Central Indiana have identified a key component their talent strategies.



Introducing the Modern Apprenticeship Program



Recognizing the opportunity to leverage young professionals, EmployIndy and Ascend Indiana partnered to create the Modern Apprenticeship Program, known affectionately as MAP. MAP provides students, beginning their junior year of high school, with hands-on professional experience and an opportunity to earn money, college credit, build social capital, and make professional connections. MAP represents a partnership between high schools, postsecondary institutions, and Indianapolis companies in industries that include Advanced Manufacturing, Business Operations, Construction Trades, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Information Technology to name a few. MAP provides participating students with opportunities to prepare for sustainable employment by introducing them to industries and employers driving the local economy. Furthermore, the program enables apprentices to earn industry credentials that align with their occupations in addition to work experience.



While MAP provides invaluable experiences and connections to participating students, it also offers a modern solution to talent challenges for Indiana employers—many of whom are already realizing incredible business returns on their investments.

“Three years with the company is huge. That’s something that we look forward to—to be able to grow with them and continue to challenge them. It gives us that license to then invest in them in a way that we want to because we know that they’re going to be here. It just gives them more time to learn and us more time to get that value,” Caroline Squatrito, HR Manager, Arcamed.



Cultivating Economic Opportunity


Through MAP, employers of all sizes, industries, and Indiana locations have access to a diverse pool of candidates eager to gain workforce experience through apprenticeships. Today, 49% of small businesses can’t fill open jobs; however, through MAP employers can create a pathway to finding the right talent to achieve their workforce goals. By addressing staffing needs in this manner, employers are better equipped to design customized talent programs and pipelines that support their success in today’s changing economy. But MAP isn’t just advantageous to small businesses. Participating MAP companies recently reported earning $1.47 for every dollar invested into their apprentices—apprentices who are helping companies embrace innovation, reach new audiences, and put simply: think differently about their business across generations.



Addressing talent challenges in Indiana is crucial to maintaining the state’s economic momentum and competitiveness. Strategic investments in education, training, and talent development initiatives are essential to meet the evolving needs of industries and ensure a skilled workforce for the future. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications, Indiana can attract and retain businesses, foster innovation, and drive economic growth—and MAP exists at the center of this solution. By pairing apprentices with today’s leaders, MAP is creating an ecosystem that enhances workforce productivity but also promotes social mobility and economic inclusivity, contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of communities across the state. MAP continues to realize true returns on the investments of participating students and corporate partners.



“MAP is what everybody’s been asking for—it’s a no-brainer,” said Mario Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Indiana Airport Authority. “MAP is an incredible model that gives us the ability to bring in students, train them, hopefully keep them, and give them a career.”



An Invitation to Partner


As MAP gears up for its fourth cohort, now is the time for employers to seize the opportunity to shape the future workforce. With ongoing recruitment cycles and interviews underway, businesses can engage in meaningful talent development initiatives that will drive success for years to come.



“We were very, very impressed with the caliber and the level of students that expressed interest in our apprenticeship opportunities,” said Jamie Wright, Recruiting Leader, Roche Diagnostics.


Whether you’re seeking apprentices in business operations, manufacturing, healthcare, or technology, there’s a place for your company to plug into the MAP network. MAP is proudly participating in the inaugural National Youth Apprenticeship Week, slated for May 6. We hope this week serves as an important catalyst for embracing apprentices in companies across the entire state of Indiana.



“As employers’ demand for highly skilled talent continues to grow in our community, we must establish a system of support to close the equity gap for Indianapolis students,” said Marie Mackintosh, President & CEO at EmployIndy. “We have partnered with regional and national career readiness initiatives to develop a program that provides students with quality, career-relevant experiences combined with classroom learning that will prepare young people for a successful transition to college and jobs of the future.”



Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this program, visit the MAP website to help transform talent attraction in Central Indiana and across the entire state.

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